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Submitted by Vanessa Fox

Welcoming speech for 50th Birthday Party - rewritten for the web

As the database guy for the class reunion committee I would like to thank everyone that came to the Class 50th birthday party.  It was such a pleasure to speak with many of you over the past 6 months or so.  I am sure that you all had that same experience of first seeing 50 year old strangers that looked vaguely like classmates and then once you started a conversation it quickly seemed like 32 years ago.

The reunion was a short lived moment in time and a great way to reacquaint ourselves with our old friends and to make new friends out of mere acquaintances.  The class website is our electronic community which allows us to stay friends and to network for years to come.  Pictures from the reunion, stories of our classmates as well as a current database that allows us to stay in contact with friends is our electronic alumni community

If you move or change email addresses, please let me know.  All of us need to do our part to keep it current for it to remain relevant.

As the database and web guy I am the most visible Committee member, but there were many great classmates and spouses of classmates that helped in countless ways.   I  want to thank a wonderful Committee of dedicated classmates that without them this would not have been possible.

In particular, I would like to single out:

  • Craig Edwards and Steve Lesco for doggedly putting together the Auction, and helping to pick the DJ and just doing so much.  It was so comforting knowing they were both so concerned with covering all of the minor details.  Let me just say the event would not have happened in the way that it did without them. 

    • Also, a special thank you to Craig and Joyce for turning their hotel room into an after event party until 4:00 am for about 20 of us that did not want to see the night end.

  • Linda Reddick Cohen, at 50 years old showed she can still hold her own by standing up to a “blonde bimbo” (in her words) for putting her cigarette out in my beer (when I walked over to chat with Joy Perry - our DJ).

  • Mark Levitan for creating the great banner at his place of business – Charrette, when he should have been working.

  • Ed Martin, in addition to all his help on the committee, felt it important enough to change his flight to Asia so he could be there that night.  Unfortunately things can sometimes go wrong and Ed had an allergic reaction to some medicine and became too sick that night to go.  He put in a lot of time and really wanted to see everyone.  Don't worry, he is fine now, and I am sure he would like to hear from his friends.

  • Rhonda Sherer Kaplan for creating all of the centerpieces and negotiating the details on the meal and doing so much to get ready for the reunion.  As everyone could see that night, Rhonda's husband, Ken Kaplan, was indispensable in helping to run the auction and with communication.

  • Glenn and Paula Baker Ruben who came up from Florida during a cold winter night just to take part in one of our Committee meetings – and also while here to check in on their summer house on the Cape.

  • Ed Schnurr and Judy Bluestein Cohen for keeping the meetings entertaining.

  • Scott Nelson who joined a couple meetings from his residence in the US Embassy in Moscow at 4:00 AM, his time, on the Internet.  Scott was planning to be here tonight but instead he recently was asked to vacation in Iraq, and he could not pass it up.

  • Also, Jacqueline Chados Kramer, and Vanessa Fox for valuable input, helping to contact classmates and much behind the scenes work.

  • In addition, there was the Internet Committee that joined when they could and helped by offering feedback and contacting classmates. -- Amy Shuman, Marsha Simon Miller, Mark Bell.

  • And who could forget Jack Happnie, that was so excited about the reunion that he asked to get a copy of the list to help "persuade" people to come.

  • A special thank you to my wife, Anita, who put up with me through all of this and who is incredibly resourceful and amazing at keeping the house in order, getting snacks for the meetings, organizing the parties etc...

  • And also thank you to everyone I failed to mention that came and contacted other classmates to come.

As a market researcher, I crunch lots of statistics so here is some trivial information about the current geographic breakdown of the class:


With our class 50th Birthday Party we have launched the Class of 1972 Memorial Scholarship

A couple of years ago several of us from around the country had talked about setting up a scholarship in memory of Lester when it became apparent that he was going to pass on.  However, this year we also lost Gail Kaizerman, who was a wonderful vivacious classmate, and that was a tremendous blow to all of us.  Then we looked back at other wonderful classmates that also passed away too soon: Melissa Urann, Sandra Orel, Alan Saganov, Denise Copeland, Martin Davis, Douglas C Ferguson, Robin Halberts, Barbara Lee Lerner,  Kevin Richardson and Donna Strachman and realized we each have our own special fond memories of classmates and that the memorial scholarship is a great way to keep our memories of our departed classmates alive.

The mission statement of this scholarship is that it will be offered each year to the Sharon High School senior going to college that has most overcome hardship to be where they are at graduation.  We will develop a scholarship review committee and Sharon High will provide us with candidates each February for consideration. 

The Class of 1972 has a non-profit federal ID number.  Donations that you may want to provide over the years are tax deductible.  We will acknowledge the donations with any message you might want to say on the Scholarship page.   In addition, we will provide a write up each year in the website of the deserving Sharon High senior that wins the scholarship.

Thank you!

Phil Kopel,

Database and website guy 

c/o SHS '72 Class Reunion Committee

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