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Mail Surveys

Mail surveys are utilized by businesses and organizations to evaluate customer, employee, member or vendor satisfaction.  Mail surveys can be especially helpful due to their lower data collection costs and ease of administration.

Costs for mail surveys are lower than those for telephone surveys, and mail surveys are a good strategy for obtaining feedback from respondents who are dissatisfied with a service or who have strong concerns.

KRG has conducted mail surveys for different types of businesses and organizations, such as chambers of commerce, retail and manufacturing companies, hospitals and state lottery organizations.


Mail surveys are a quantitative marketing research data collection method. Respondents complete questionnaires on paper and return them via the mail. KRG handles all aspects of mail surveys, including questionnaire design, data collection, and analysis of results. We work closely with clients to identify critical information needs and design mail surveys that will best inform business or organizational decisions.


Questionnaires for mail surveys are typically short, simple, and contain mainly closed-ended questions . Clients give final approval on materials, and KRG develops questionnaires on a custom basis for each project.


KRG handles all aspects of the mail survey marketing research methodology, including duplication and mailing of the questionnaires to respondents; sending reminders to people who have not responded after a reasonable amount of time, such as two or three weeks; and entering completed questionnaires into data storage.  KRG follows data collection with a thorough analysis and presentation of the results.


Mail surveys are utilized by organizations to identify:

  • Customer satisfaction or member satisfaction

  • Customer benefits

  • Customer reaction to an organization's future plans

  • Customer complaints or problems

Pros and Cons

The costs for mail surveys tend to be lower than those for telephone surveys, and mail surveys are a good strategy for obtaining feedback from people who are dissatisfied with a service or have strong concerns. The main disadvantages of mail surveys are:

  • Low response rates

  • Extra problems with data entry

  • Avoidance open-ended questions

  • Poor following of directions

  • Legibility

Response rates can be low with mail surveys, and there is no way to guarantee that people will respond to a mail survey.  While this is also an issue for telephone surveys, response rates for telephone surveys tend to be higher.  Low response rates mean results may not fully reflect the characteristics of the population being studied.

KRG has conducted many mail surveys. We understand the issues that concern clients in a range of arenas, the types of decisions they typically have to make, and the factors that influence those decisions.  We understanding the specific decisions you have to make and the type of information you need to make those decisions.  In all cases, we bring the proper methodology to bear on your data needs.

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